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Jennifer Williams

Roosevelt High School

Classroom Syllabus

Teacher Names: Jennifer Williams and Joanna Wright

Course Title: Plants and Animals of Hawaii

Room: G101 Phone: 307-0544

Email: Mrs. Williams   [email protected]   

      Ms. Wright [email protected] (preferred)

or: [email protected]

Course Description:

WELCOME TO PLANTS AND ANIMALS OF HAWAII! The Hawaiian Islands will serve as a living laboratory for students to study factors that regulate the establishment of biological and cultural diversity in an oceanic island system. Practical field exercises and self-designed research projects will help students develop experience in plant systematics, ecology, geology, conservation biology, ethnobotany, and ethnoecology. Students will explore the many biological and cultural influences that have shaped modern Hawaii. All students should feel welcome and safe in our classroom. All persons in the classroom should be active in creating a positive environment that will foster respect, participation, dignity, and trust. 

Standards: NGSS the National Science Standards will be followed.

Topics Covered in Plants and Animals: 

Quarter 1

Ecology and Community

Quarter 2

Rainforest and other terrestrial biomes

Quarter 3

Medicinal Plants, Agriculture and Aquaculture

Quarter 4

Coastal and Marine


You will need to bring the following things to class EVERY DAY; planner, paper, pen/pencil, and a way of organizing papers and handouts.   

Course Expectations:

  All persons show respect and encourage one another, ask questions, and please SAVE YOUR PHONES for outside of class, unless otherwise noted. Please be sure to:

  1. Read DASH everyday
  2. Take lecture notes for own reference and self-study
  3. Read text and take Cornell notes
  4. Participate in all interactive activities and oral discussions
  5. Complete all assignments and lab reports
  6. Design and carry out labs and projects in cooperative learning groups

Grading Policy:

Grades will be determined by meeting the expectations/criteria or by a point system as follows:

A: Far exceeds expectations/ criteria 90% or above

B: Exceeds expectations/ criteria 80-89%

C: Meets expectations/ criteria 70-79%

D: Does not meet expectations/ criteria 60-69%

F: Is far below expectations 59% and below

Grading Policy

Grading is based on two types of assessments: Formative and Summative 

  • Formative assessments are in the form of daily classwork,homework, bell and closing assignments often these assignments are used to track student achievement and progress and makes up 30% of their grade. 
  • Summative assessments in the form of lab reports, unit tests, or project construction. Summative assessments make up 70% of the final grade.
  • Midterm and Final exams will be summative. The midterm will count for 10% of the first semester grade and the final will be 10% of the second semester grade.
  • Grades will be updated every two weeks in Infinite Campus beginning August 9, 2019.

Classroom Procedures

  1.    Tardies: If you are tardy for class please do not distract the class, enter as quietly as possible and sign into the binder marked with “Tardies” near the door and take your seat. 
  2. Absences: If you are absent, you are responsible for checking to see what material you missed. Most assignments will be posted on class website so you may check there for any work you may need. For every day absent you have one day to make up work (i.e. if you are absent for two days, work must be turned in within two days after your return). 
  3. Students are expected to follow ALL lab safety requirements.