President Theodore Roosevelt High School

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Admissions and Transcripts

Registering for School
A. Coming from a Hawaii Public School:
1) Clearance/release papers from the withdrawing school, inclusive of transcripts, release papers, copy of the student's schedule and/or report card and if applicable, a copy of the Special Education Individual Education Plan (IEP).
2) Proof of current address: Rental/lease agreement or current utility bill (electric, gas, or water).
3) Copies of Student Health Records (form 14), inclusive of physical exam, immunizations, and tuberculin skin test (TB).
4) Legal documents if not living with parents.

B. Coming from a Hawaii Private School:
All items in section “A” above and Birth Certificate or other legal proof of birth date and legal name.

C. Coming from another State:
All items in sections A and B and TB clearance documentation (test must have been administered in the United States within the previous 12 months).
D. Coming from a Foreign Country:
All items in sections A, B, and C and Passport.

Transcript Information
The Registrar's Office has ALL transcripts from 1930 to present. Any alumni or non-current student must come to the school’s registrar's office and request for a transcript in writing using the form below.
***Please allow more than one day because records prior to 1991 are on PDF files and need to be scanned through.

For protection of one's privacy, we ask that all requests be done in person or in writing, stating the official name used at Roosevelt High School, dates attended or graduation year, address, phone number and MOST importantly, a signature. Cost is $1.00 per transcript and may take 1- 2 working days to process then mail out. For same-day
processing or carry-out, the cost will be $5 for the rush service. Only cash or money order made payable to Roosevelt High School will be accepted.
Copies or duplicate diplomas are never reissued or given, because it is an official, legal document given only once upon graduation. If you lose your diploma or it gets destroyed, you may request your transcripts which will include all grades from the schools you attended while in high school, test scores, the date you graduated, the type of diploma or
certificate you received, and the number of that diploma or certificate. Most employers or institutions would prefer a copy of transcript over an original diploma because there's more historical information on a transcript.