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Admissions, Request for Release, and Transcripts

Please call to schedule an appointment if you are planning to come on campus to register, withdraw, pick up transcripts, or for any other reason! You will be turned away if you do not have an appointment. Thank you for your cooperation.  
Registering for School
A. Coming from a Hawaii Public School (must have been enrolled in a HIDOE school within the last year):
**Please be sure you withdraw from the current public/charter school and get a release form from the school. Then upload the following documents----
1) MV1 & SIS10 (completed and signed)
2) One proof of residence (Acceptable documents: Utility bill--electric, gas, water, lease/rental agreement, title, or mortgage payment)
3) Withdrawal papers from the current public/charter school (inclusive of, but not limited to the following: Release Certificate, Obligation/Withdrawal form, Transcripts, Final Report Card, Health Records, and if applicable, a copy of the Special Education Individual PLan (IEP))
Please send them to--
We will email you back confirmation and next steps. Thank you.

B. Coming from a Hawaii Private School, another State, or a Foreign Country OR you have not been in the HIDOE system for more than 1 year:
Go to the "New HIDOE Student Registration" tab to find instructions for registration.
Request for Release
If you are moving and transferring your child to another public high school or your child will be attending private high school or you are moving out-of-state, please complete both the "Questionnaire to Determine Eligibility" form AND the "Request to Release" form, which you can find below. Once completed and signed, please be sure you contact the school office at 808-307-0500 to make arrangements to drop off textbooks, equipment, uniforms, etc. and to verify whether any other obligations or RHS accounts are cleared.
You may: 
1) Mail in both forms or 
2) email the forms to: [email protected] or [email protected]
Once we receive the Request to Release forms, we will check with the office if obligations and/or accounts are cleared. If you everything is good, we will email or mail you the following:
1) A copy of the clearance form
2) A copy of your child's transcript
3) A copy of your child's health record
4) A Certificate of Release (for your child's next school to request official records from RHS)
Copies or duplicate diplomas are never reissued or given, because it is an official, legal document given only once upon graduation. If you lose your diploma or it gets destroyed, you may request your transcripts which will include all grades from the schools you attended while in high school, test scores, the date you graduated, the type of diploma or certificate you received, and the number of that diploma or certificate. Most employers or institutions would prefer a copy of transcript over an original diploma because there's more historical information on a transcript.
Transcript Information
The Registrar's Office has ALL transcripts from 1930 to present for students whose last school was Roosevelt High School.
Former Student Transcript Request  Click Here
Employment Verification Request  Click Here