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Parents » Attendance for 2020-21 SY: Phone 808-307-0539

Attendance for 2020-21 SY: Phone 808-307-0539

To satisfy the requirements of HRS 302A-1132, schools shall take daily student attendance. School attendance procedures shall support varying school designs and learning opportunities, including in-person, online and blended instruction.

It is important that your child stay healthy so he/she is able to attend school consistently. Due to our hybrid bell schedule, attendance will be done differently from a “traditional” school year. Every week, attendance will be taken during in-person school days and virtual Fridays. 

Schedule personal appointments (e.g. doctors, dentist, etc.) during days/times your child is not designated to be in school or participating in virtual Fridays.

If your child is sick, please keep your child at home.

Email excuse notes to: Notes will be verified with the parent/guardian.

Email should include:

  1. Child’s full legal name
  2. Date of absence
  3. Reason for absence
  4. Contact phone number of parent/guardian

Re-admit slips will no longer be issued. Once the email note is verified, the absent mark in Infinite Campus will be changed to AE (excused) or AU (unexcused) according to the attendance policy.

All absences are truant unless an emailed note is received upon return to school. 

TRU or Truant absences, will record as a zero and teachers are not obligated to give missing work.

Looking for answers to your questions? Please refer to our comprehensive list of answers to most common questions that parents/students ask:

Q: What is the difference between an excused absence, unexcused absence, and truancy?

A: Absent means the student is not physically present in school or in a scheduled class for more than half of the school day or class period. For purposes of reporting Average Daily Attendance (ADA), no distinction is made between excused or unexcused absences.

Excused absence is when a written or doctor’s note is received within (5) school days upon a student's return to school. Reasons:

  1. School Suspensions – In school or out of school
  2. Detention Home/Shelter Placement
  3. Illness or Injury - (a doctor’s note is required for 5 or more consecutive days)
  4. Doctor/Dental appointment verified by a doctor’s note (attach to email)
  5. Funeral/Death
  6. Court attendance verified by note from Court
  7. Religious holiday/observances
  8. Special cases approved by the Principal or designee

Unexcused absence is when a parent or guardian provides a note within 5 school days, but the reason for the absence is not considered excused. Reasons:

  1. Babysitting siblings or other children
  2. Caring for elderly or family member
  3. Entertaining visitors/guests
  4. Kept at home to clean for home inspections
  5. Family vacations (on/off island), trips
  6. Parent request without explanation
  7. Personal business
  8. Youth camp
  9. Sports competition events - (Non-RHS)

Truant is when a student leaves campus or does not attend class without authorization from the school. Truancy is also when a student does not provide a written note (within 5 school days) from a parent or guardian upon his/her return to school. Truancy is similar to class cutting and leaving campus without consent. 

Q: Why is it so important to have a note? 

A: Having a note informs the school a parent/guardian is aware an absence occurred. In addition, a note enables students to get any assignments missed. The Attendance Office will record that a note was received in Infinite Campus. The absent mark will be changed from truant to either absent  excused or unexcused, according to the attendance policy. Work will not be provided to students who are truant. 

Q: Why is the note verified?

A: We understand it can be frustrating to receive a call to verify a note you have written. However, we must verify a parent/guardian is the person who has emailed the note and, in some cases, provide all necessary information to the attendance office.

Q: Why must the note be submitted within 5 days of returning to school?

A: It is important for students to receive their work, and for teachers to be able to grade the work, in a timely fashion. In addition, if a student is truant we will be able to address the situation much quicker.

Q: I noticed on Infinite Campus my child’s absences have turned to truant (TRU) yet it has not been 5 days yet. What’s the deal with this?

A: Turning all absences to truancies (TRU) makes it easier for all to know a note has not been submitted to the attendance office. Once the note is submitted, and verified, the truant designation will be converted into an Excused or Unexcused absences.

Q: How will I be notified if my child is absent?

A: Parents can check Infinite Campus to see daily attendance. Teachers input attendance by 3:00pm daily. In addition, an automated call is made to the primary number listed in our system. If you see absences in Infinite Campus, but have not received a call you may want to check the following:

  1. Contact the Registrar’s Office  to make sure the number is correctly entered into our system.
  2. See if your phone has blocked Roosevelt’s phone number.
  3. Ensure your home phone is not forwarded to another phone during the time calls from the school typically go out.

Q: My child showed up to class, but was marked absent instead of tardy. Why was this the case?

A: Tardy is when a student arrives late to class with more than 50% of the class remaining. A student must be marked absent if he or she is late for over 50% of the class. This includes virtual Friday synchronous classes.

Q: My child is too sick to come to school, but I want them to keep up with work. Can I get my child’s homework?

A: If your child is absent from school, you may request homework. Your child should email his/her teachers and check their distance learning platform (Google Classroom or Blackboard) for assignments and other important information. A 24-hour notice is required for teachers when a homework request is made. If further assistance is needed, please call the Attendance Office at 307-0539.