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Your student Gmail = [email protected]
Your student ID number can be found on your report card or on your registration schedule. It is the same log in as your Infinite Campus username.
On the "beach" sign in screen, enter [email protected] again.
Then you will be prompted to Enter Password. Default format is [first 3 letters of month of birth, with first letter capitalized] # [last 4 digits of the Household Phone of record in Infinite Campus]
FOR EXAMPLE: If my birth month is January, and my household phone of record is 808.307.0500, then my password is Jan#0500
Tips on your password:
  • Double-check that you capitalized the first letter.
  • Make sure you have the # sign.
  • If you don't know the household phone of record, it’s on your printed schedule…or ask your teacher or your counselor.
  • If none of that works, please ask a teacher or counselor to submit your name to the school technology coordinator's form. Once your password is reset, any other teacher or your counselor should be able to share your temporary password with you.
A couple more notes:
  • When students enter Roosevelt from another HIDOE school, the logins and passwords they used at their previous school should still work, and their Gmail and Drive contents should still be intact.
  • When brand new students enter the HIDOE, their Google accounts generally appear by the next day.