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9/29/20 2020-2021 Panorama Student Survey

Dear Parent/Guardian:

In November, your child will be asked to complete the 2020-2021 Panorama Student Survey. Your child's perspective is highly valued. Their responses to the survey represent her/his voice in enhancing teacher practice and the whole school climate. We are listening!
The Panorama Student Survey will provide teachers with student perspectives of classroom and whole school experiences that may be used as evidence to support the teachers' Core Professionalism, Reflection on Teaching component of the Educator Effectiveness System (EES). Additionally, the survey results will be used to calculate the school climate measure for the Strive HI accountability system. The Hawaii Department of Education (HIDOE) School Quality Survey safety dimension questions are also included in the survey.

Individual student answers are confidential and will not be tracked. To maintain confidentiality, your child will place the completed paper survey in an individual envelope and seal it. The envelopes are opened and processed by the surveying company's staff at the company's facility. The online survey responses are transmitted directly to the same survey company for processing. Summarized student-response data are reported to HIDOE's State and Complex Area leadership teams, principals, and teachers to help improve educational practices. Individual responses are not reported.
The Panorama Student Survey was developed under the leadership of Dr. Hunter Gehlbach, Professor and Vice Dean at the John Hopkin's University School of Education, and Director of Research at Panorama Education. Dr. Gehlbach and a research team from the Harvard Graduate School of Education followed a rigorous survey development process consisting of literature reviews, focus groups, feedback from experts around the county, cognitive interviews with students, and multiple rounds of piloting and refining.

This survey is voluntary; however, your child's views are important to ensure a quality educational system. We ask for your assistance in encouraging your child to participate and respond honestly to the survey questions. No further action is required from you unless you do not want your child to complete the survey.
To request that your child be exempted from the survey, please complete the attached Panorama Student Survey Declination Form. Check the "My child WILL NOT participate in the Panorama Student Survey" box, fill in the requested information, sign the form, and submit the form to your child's school. Forms must be submitted to the school by the date listed on the attached Panorama Student Survey Declination Form.

On behalf of the Department of Education, we thank you for your cooperation and support of our public schools. Should you have any questions, please call Ms. Morgan Yamamoto, Accountability Section, at (808) 733-4008 or the HIDOE EES Help Desk at (808) 586-4072.
Dr. Christina M. Kishimoto Superintendent